Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A highlight of any NMRA National Convention is the programs, events, and meetings associated with the numerous SIGs (Special Interest Groups). From layout design to an interest in modeling steel mills, from operations to individual gauges, there is a "special group" of interested modelers.  More information about these unique groups can be found on the NMRA website: http://www.nmra.org/special-interest-groups


SIGs are an important part of the model railroading hobby.  Participants share their expertise in common topics, such as operations (a display board is shown below) or layout design (like the model of a layout room, bottom).  They also help move the hobby forward, apply their knowledge as they focus on specific areas of specialty.  Members of SIGs are most willing to discusss their passions, and address questions you might have.


Obviously, SIGs will have many educational and fun events at Indianapolis during July 2016.  Plan to drop by their staffed displays, with your questions or comments.  Attend one of their clinics, or meetings.  Plan to check out additional details on this website in the near future, or on the individuals sites of the SIGs (a few are hyperlinked below).


Layout Design: http://www.ldsig.org/

N-Scale Modeling: http://ntrak.org/

Operations Group: http://www.opsig.org/

O-Scale Modeling: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Oscalekings/info

Proto 87 SIG: http://www.proto87.org/d/

S-Scale Modeling: http://sscale.org

Steel Mill Modelers: http://www.smmsig.org/



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