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The Operations Road Show layout is a modular constructed layout which features realistic TT & TO operations on 53 miles of the Wabash Montpelier Division's Second Sub-division between Peru and Lafayette, Indiana. Designed with unobstructed access to fit into the typical hotel ballroom at NMRA National Conventions, a unique aspect of the modules is that they are double-sided; doubling the running length and with about one foot of depth to the modeled scene running between towns, and expanding out to as much as 24 inches for the towns. The layout features an active fiddle yard and 18 destination locations with 45 industries, team tracks and interchange points. Another unique aspect is the operating semaphore train order signals at depots and towers.


All communication between the crews and the dispatcher as they negotiate the 400 feet of mainline track is by written train orders, car cards, waybills and telephonic OS reports.   Teams of 12 operators during each 3-hour session.


The layout had its public debut in July 2003 at the Maple Leaf 2003 NMRA National Convention in Toronto. In addition the Roadshow pike was at the Cincinnati Limited 2005 convention, and hosted operating sessions during Detroit’s Great Lakes Express 2007 convention (in its home location, not in the convention hotel).  It was also in the convention center during the 2014 NMRA National Convention at Cleveland, Ohio.


The layout was written up in the February 2006 issue of Rail Model Journal and in the NMRA house magazine Scale Rails.

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Name: ORS Wabash 2nd Sub-division
Scale: HO
Size: 53' x 23'
Prototype: Wabash pre-merger
Locale: Central Indiana
Era: Sep/Oct 1964
Style: Linear walk around
Mainline Run: 400'
Minimum Radius: 30 inches
Minimum turnout: No 8 on mainline crossovers, No 6 for mainline diverging and No 4 for industrial spurs
Maximum grade: None
Bench work: Modular
Height: 48"
Roadbed: Wood spline and foam board
Track: Custom Trax (wood ties/cork bed, code 83 rail)
Scenery: Bragdon Industries Geodesic expanding foam
Backdrop: Centered in the module. Constructed with a Luan plywood sub frame, skinned with styrene
Control: DCC/Digitrax (UT-4R Radio throttles)


Operating Positions:

Six two-person crews operate the "extra board" and are assigned to jobs as they are called. Using a fiddle yard, there is no set staging; trains are made up according to the daily schedule which includes 24 called jobs and extras added as needed on the Wabash, and an additional 20 jobs possible on the Monon, NYC and NKP interchanges. Jobs cover all kinds of work from through freight and passenger trains, to locals and industrial switchers. Each sessions will last 3 hours.

Additional Notes:

Layout will be located in the SIG room in the Westin Hotel. The layout is handicap accessible with room in the aisles, but the 48 inch height may be troublesome to someone seated in a chair. 

The Westin Hotel, Indianapolis
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